July 1, 2016

Success Story 4 (old)

The business problem
The challenge
The Hubwords solution
The outcome
One of our clients, a top event management company headquartered in a non-metro city, was in a peculiar quandary. Having a presence in Mumbai, Delhi, and Dubai, they had planned many renowned events in both corporate and personal segments, including mega shows, weddings, etc. Yet, the event management company’s name was not receiving its due recognition since event attendees and sponsors used to recall the event per se and not the organizers. So, our client was facing a crisis of brand recognition.
The location of the client’s headquarters, unlike Mumbai or Bangalore, was not a hub of the mainstream event management circuits. Hence, the goal was clear—reach out to all parts of the country and create a buzz. While doing this online or digitally seemed the perfect solution, the client was in the event management business where it is not easy to replicate online the “on-ground experience” of the conducted event. Plus, there was a perception bias against event managers who were not part of any established circuits.
A mix of PR strategies was used. Blogs with a customized style of writing were rustled up. Event responsibilities were mapped out in such a way that the event management company too got visibility, thereby generating new opportunities for brand recognition. A tailored branding strategy was adopted to create an image that event managers are professionals and event management is an organized sector. This was to battle entrenched perceptions about event management companies who were perceived to be outliers.
The client began to be noticed as one among the top event managers in India due to his distinct voice in the industry. His guest posts and columns in business magazines, carrying this unique voice, came to be of interest to many other magazines, resulting in their approaching him to write for them. The client began to be recognized as a professional event management concern. Needless to add, the perception battle had been won, paving the way for future opportunities in event management and thought leadership.
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