July 1, 2016

Success Story 3 (old)

The business problem
The challenge
The Hubwords solution
The outcome
An existing client, who wanted to start a print magazine, was looking to outsource their editorial function. The objective was two-fold: one, to control costs of editorial planning and production; two, to free up CXO bandwidth for networking and revenue generation activities since the client was based overseas and would not have been able to coordinate the project from there. The mandate to Hubwords was to conduct interviews with startups and SMEs, rope in columnists and other respondents, and generate quality content from cover to cover.
Since the client was a startup, and the magazine brand was an unknown, initiating interviews and onboarding columnists posed a challenge as the background and the company’s credentials had to be buttressed, and the respondents had to be convinced of the opportunity and reply within the available deadlines. As the publisher presented his final plan for the launch issue just 40 days before the planned date of launch, there was no elbow room for experimentation nor a buffer for delayed responses from respondents which happens frequently in such projects.
The multi-dimensional nature of the project meant that pre-planning was the key. Execution to plan, equally, was central to the success of the assignment. All this, while holding the quality of the issue to international standards since the magazine was to be a premier brand in its segment. Hubwords journalists from multiple locations across India were roped in to conduct interviews and primary research. Our extensive business network was leveraged and connects at various levels wore multiple hats as columnists, respondents, and authors of articles.
True to plan, the entire copy for the issue was produced and scrubbed well in advance of the launch date. Multiple redundancies and overlapping iterations translated into copy benchmarked to global standards, complete with insightful features, comprehensive profiles, and in-depth columns. The extensive pre-planning process meant that all the cover story pieces gelled seamlessly into one overarching story, while the other features and articles complemented the cover story immaculately, rendering the magazine issue a single contiguous commentary on various topics.
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