July 1, 2016

Success Story 2 (old)

The business problem
The challenge
The Hubwords solution
The outcome
A leading e-commerce website was in a fix since their ambitious product descriptions project had ground to a halt. 1 lakh products were scheduled to go live on their mobile site in less than 2 months but quality issues had emerged, with freelancers working on the project unable to meet deadlines. The e-commerce website then approached Hubwords based on a client referral and awarded the project but with a penalty clause for further delays as the project was already delayed.
The project required 1 lakh product descriptions at the rate of around 1700 products per day. This translated to around 50 lakh words that not only had to be creative but also SEO compliant. The suddenness of the requirement as well as the compressed timelines meant that production workflows had to operate at efficiency levels anywhere between 130% to 150% of normal levels. The sheer volume of content to be delivered also meant that high redundancy levels in content was a real risk.
Hubwords rose to the challenge and accepted the penalty clause without hesitation. 15 writers were lined up and teamed up with 2 editors who were to oversee the daily throughput. Senior resources supervised the throughput and delivery on a weekly basis to make sure any hitches were caught earlier rather than later. Cloud technology was employed liberally to ensure speedy evaluation and submission of tasks. A system was put in place to check for redundancies and accuracy.
After the initial run-in period, the workflow system put into place by Hubwords kicked into top gear. 50 lakh words describing 1 lakh products were delivered to requirement much ahead of the go-live date, with a few days to spare. Each description was not only SEO-compliant but also tailored to elicit user action. With a potential disaster averted, the client was hugely appreciative of Hubwords’ ability to turn around a project of such magnitude and to execute it to the ‘T’.
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