July 5, 2016

Social Media

Whether it is quirky posts and page updates, or more black-tie social media campaigns, we have done it. Tell us what you want to do on the ever-shifting social media landscape, and we’ll get it done.

Social Media Setup: Even if one left out the hordes and hordes of me-too’s and also-ran’s out there, the number of well-known active social media networks in the big bad world of the internet exceeded 300 at last count. Given that each of them have their own sign-up processes and information gathering steps, this number of 300 can quickly become mind-boggling if you were to sift through them, narrow it down to 4-5 networks you want to be on, and set up your or your company’s profile on each of them.

This is where Hubwords comes in. Based on your business objectives, we help map a social media network’s user base to your branding requirements, go through the registration process, and establish your social footprint in an optimized and transparent manner. This can be a one-off engagement or coupled with other social media services below.

Social Media Management: Keep your brand ahead by engaging your TA on social media platforms of choice. We help you build an online brand presence and expand your reach among your target constituencies through regular updation, posting campaigns, and carefully planned engagement of your prospects and potential partners on these social media platforms.

Social Media Optimization: Setting up a social media footprint and managing those pages can be one thing. Optimizing them for maximum brand recall and engagement can be quite another. This may involve a study of your targeted consumer segment’s interaction patterns, engagement behavior, and proactive analysis of their decision-making.

Hubwords offers a sophisticated suite of optimization services for clients willing to take their social media leveraging to the next level.

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