July 5, 2016

Public Relations

Your PR campaigns can run like a dream. Or explode in your face and become your worst nightmare. The difference is in execution (any agency can plan, really). Talk to us. We can help.

Promote your brand: So, you have finalized on your brand identity and charted out a marketing campaign to create awareness among a targeted set of customers and other stakeholders, but are unsure about your PR strategy? How do your manage your public image when you do not know who your stakeholder is? How do you choose your media portfolio in order to achieve the public image you have in mind and what kind of messaging do you convey through each media channel?

Hubwords can help you produce events and communication in print and online media through customized PR solutions. Outsourcing your PR requirements helps in containing your costs, as you can use our services on an on-demand basis and need to pay only per activity executed. If you wish to take our services on retainer basis instead, we’re happy to oblige!

Team of PR experts: Experienced analysts and experts in our team design PR solutions for your business by carefully analyzing your target audience, the desired public image, your publicity needs, and choosing the right platforms for media exposure. You can choose a modular plan with us according to your budget and exposure required.

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