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Q: What are the benefits of commissioning a content solutions company over solo writers?
A: Solo writers may be a good bet for one-off assignments or non-voluminous projects. However, when it comes to regular content creation or voluminous projects requiring high levels of quality control and timeliness, coordination of multiple writers can take a toll on your bandwidth and project efficiency. Writers come with their own writing styles and working hours, making it difficult to ensure consistency in content and timely achievement of project milestones.

When you work with us, not only do we make sure you get what you want when you want it and how you want it, but also we remain committed to getting things done for you rather than employ a transactional approach. We choose our writers with great care – we are privy to their strengths and deploy their skills across project requirements accordingly. Since we retain a large number of writers, a project assignment that is not delivered on time by a writer simply gets reassigned to another writer so that your project’s progress does not become a casualty. This may not be possible every time when you work with solo writers.

In addition, as we have come to realize in the past, we are often able to add value to our client’s project or business objectives by sharing insights gained from the multitude of projects we have executed in the past. XXX projects delivered over the last 7 years in the content business for over 50 clients, of which NN% are repeat clients, stand testimony to this.

Q: Can you handle bulk writing assignments?
A: Yes, we can. In fact, one of the requirement types we specialize in is bulk writing or volume work. We retain a team of around 50+ writers, so we are happy to take up large-scale and long-term projects. Over the years, we have delivered 120 lakh words and over 1 lakh content pieces for large volume projects with an on-time completion rate of 98%.

Q: Can magazines have a tie-up with content solutions companies like yours?
A: Content is the lifeblood of magazines. In today’s competitive market, where content is being generated at a mind-boggling pace, a magazine needs to stand out and be heard more than ever before. And it needs to do this cost effectively. Investment in marketing has to be done more selectively and more efficiently.

Magazine editors and publishers need the right content at the right time with lesser effort and at lesser costs. More in-house or “on rolls” staff means your costs to company bulge. Inducting more freelancers into your workflow can hold down your costs, but other issues surface. The editor of a magazine with national or multi-regional appeal will have to rely on freelancers from many states. Dealing with many “off rolls” freelancers, however, creates other overheads in the form of greater need for coordination, project management, and quality control, putting your project deadlines at risk. Sudden attrition from freelancers on your project can even jeopardize your production workflows and launch of issues.

Here is where partnering with a content solutions company makes eminent business sense. Hubwords has an extensive network of good writers from different states, genres, and domains. So, we give you the right resource, without compromising on quality or deadlines. The good news is, you need to interact with only one point of contact at Hubwords for all your content requirements – this will be your “Hubber”.

We offer an entire suite of services for magazines including calendar planning, issue planning, content conception and production, and design coordination, as well as stand-alone content production of articles, features, cover stories, columns, interviews, etc.

Q: Can overseas companies outsource their content requirements to India?
A: The short answer is ‘yes’. You can outsource a wide variety of content writing projects to India at lower costs while receiving quality benchmarked to global standards. As is widely acknowledged, India has a large pool of graduates who speak and write fluently in English. Hubwords has experience executing global projects cutting across timezones and work cultures, so if you have a requirement, please write to us at:

Q: What if I am not satisfied with what I get and come to know that the content you have provided is not original?
A: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, honesty, and diligence with all clients and in all work that we execute. Hubwords follows a strict no-plagiarism policy and we expect all our writers to do the same. We have instituted stringent internal protocols to ensure our copy is plagiarism-free and do not take kindly to any instances of plagiarism from our writers. We are open to quality checks at any time and are willing to refund your fee in full if our content is found to be unoriginal.

Q: How can you help business houses, SMEs, and startups?
A: Companies or products need solid brand presence and a consistent brand identity to compete in today’s super-charged consumer markets. This starts with some great marketing literature, an SEO-friendly website, eye-catching and farm-fresh digital content, an effervescent PR trail, and magnetic social media presence.

For all this, you can approach multiple agencies in each service area and try to find new life hacks. Or, you can come to us, and relax. Seriously. We offer, among other services, content writing, editing, articles, blogs, social media posts and management, print and online PR, digital marketing, and other related services for SMEs, startups, and bigger organizations.

Q: Why can’t we hire in-house content writers for our company for all our requirements?
A: Content requirements of companies are an ever-shifting chimera. Not only can your requirements be unpredictable, but also the surges and drops can be quite drastic at times. This exerts constant pressure on your HR teams to continuously optimize on the right size of the workforce to meet the highly fluctuating requirements. While requirements can change in a flash, hiring and letting go of employees cannot be done with the same alacrity.

This is where an outsourcing partner can provide you the much needed flexibility of ramping up or down as per your fluctuating requirements while scaling down your costs since you pay only if you use our resources.

Q: How do I gain by outsourcing Social Media Management to Hubwords?
A: A static social media is a dead page. Equally, just having an active page does not mean you are attracting your target audience. Studies have shown that mere “views” or “shares” of social posts are no longer reliable indicators of the stickiness of your content. A company’s “engagement quotient” with its customers and prospects is being redefined as fast as the social media landscape is changing day-on-day, hour-on-hour.

You thus need specialists in your corner, who can keep pace with the demands of the social landscape, ensuring that you are penetrating the right market segment and sending the right marketing message. You also need social media brains who understand branding and know what it takes to create the desired brand persona online. Hubwords is your ideal partner here.

Q: What kind of Digital Marketing can companies have?
A: Business promotion in today’s world requires a good search engine ranking along with an active and smart online presence. Online presence no longer equates to just having a website and social media pages. Search engines and social media have turned traditional marketing concepts on their head in more ways than you can prepare a bagel.

“Who is searching for what on search engines” has left the traditional marketing funnel in its wake when it comes to being the catchment area for consumers. Social media represent a unique opportunity to understand consumer psyche in ways unimaginable earlier since you have direct line-of-sight to their innermost feelings about a brand.

Digital Marketing strategies of companies should comprise targeted and engagement-oriented social media marketing, smart blog management, cutting edge on-page and off-page SEO, and online PR including article marketing. Depending on your business and target consumer profile, there could be other digital marketing techniques like directory listings, online contests and events, Q&A fora, etc.

Q: How can startups have well-planned as well as cost-effective PR solutions?
A: PR is a very important component of the marketing paradigm for all businesses, be it startups or more established businesses. While bigger companies can afford to have an in-house Media Relations team or a Corporate Communications position, startups or SMEs may find that to be an overkill as their PR requirements maybe temporary or irregular. Also, many companies tend to have one-off requirements like publicity for an event or the launch of a new campaign, product, or service.

Hubwords can provide the effectiveness and reach that come with a professional PR agency, while containing your costs since you don’t need to have a dedicated team on your rolls. More than 350 PR agencies, representing startups and SMEs in virtually every industry sector, look to us for their profiling and communication needs.

Q: PR is something many startups spend a considerable amount on, but at times fail to achieve the expected results. How can we address this?
A: Many companies do not achieve their PR objectives mainly because of the lack of planning. Numbers and timelines committed to them may be unrealistic. Neither them nor their PR partners may analyze how each activity committed is going to help achieve their objectives. Essential metrics like number of copies published by each publication, whether they will be uploaded online, the total circulation or reach, may be completely ignored in the dash to reach committed numbers.

For example, getting an interview published with a not-so-popular or newly launched print magazine may not be difficult. So you may find your PR partner easily committing to getting your company profiled on such publications. But do such publications dominate the PR strategy drawn up by your PR partner? What proportion of the total reach promised are actually your target audience? What is the ROI on your PR investment when you calculate the cost of effective reach?

We at Hubwords offer customized PR solutions for our clients, based on a model that addresses your unique business situation. PR definitely is not an area where one size fits all. We are aware of this. Hence, you wouldn’t find us thrusting PR packages on you that aim to just bump up the numbers without achieving your business objectives.

Q: How do you charge for PR activities?
A: We have a very flexible and cost effective PR plan for companies. We discuss at depth the PR strategy with our clients and charge based on the number of activities only. On the other hand, on a case-to-case basis, we are also open to retainerships that involve targeted numbers per specific period. Feel free to drop in a mail mentioning your requirement to and we shall hoot right back.

Q: What are the payment schedules possible and modes of payment available?
A: For international clients, we prefer payments via Paypal or Western Union Money transfer. Indian clients can make a direct account transfer or make payments through cheques.

Q: Do you charge in advance?
A: This depends on the nature and magnitude of the project. Feel free to write in with your exact requirements at and we promise to get back.

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