July 5, 2016


Razor-sharp articles. Blogs with swaying power. Columns that stand out. Sticky web content. Persuasive marketing copy. Academic and technical content. We do all this. And more.

Website Content: Your website is your digital salesperson. While its layout and look-n-feel may ensure it’s all spruced up to meet prospects online, what happens when your website cannot “communicate well” with them? This may well be the case if your web content isn’t engaging enough or doesn’t articulate your company’s core offerings as well as it should. At Hubwords, we make sure your website locks eyes with your prospects, extends a firm handshake, and doesn’t let go!

Blogs & Articles: If your website is your salesperson, your blogs and articles are your in-house subject matter experts and brand evangelists. And these guys better know what they’re talking about. When you come to us, you can’t go wrong. For, we house expert bloggers and writers in almost every domain thinkable – from e-commerce, property, jewelry, fashion, lifestyle, and travel, to technical, academic, and other niche areas.

Features & Reporting: Publishers and editors of magazines, portals, and tabloids can avail exclusive interviews with leading personalities, as well as journalistic features and articles on various segments, through our experienced team of reporters in every state. We enjoy close associations with PR agencies in every metro that help us provide inputs as well as interviews from CXOs and Directors of several leading companies. We also provide hotel reviews, product reviews, and event reporting.

Marketing Copy: Marketing copy seldom does what it’s meant to – market. Writing flair can overshadow marketing objective. Copy style can undermine or oversell your offering. Choice of words can have either hilarious or disastrous outcomes. Hubwords lends punch, clarity, and relevance to your marketing copy – be it on flyers, brochures, posters, fold-out covers, calendars, banners, and other marketing communication – for both print and digital campaigns.

Press Releases: A press release is like an elusive groom or bride – you don’t require them frequently, but when you do, it can be pretty hard to nail the perfect one! Also, in today’s digitized world where readers can decide how, when, and what news they’ll consume, “press” releases have evolved beyond their old school definition. Relax, we have you covered. We handle everything from hunting for that perfect angle and dressing up the release with context-appropriate verbiage to trimming it to the perfect length and (who knows) even saying, “You may now kiss the groom!”

Newsletters: Newsletters can be tricky li’l imps. Even if you nail the format, the subject line can go awry. Even if you perfect the subject line, the timing of the email blast can backfire. And even if you ace all these, your newsletter campaign’s always a moving goalpost since content changes, TA response behaviors change, and your campaign objectives may change. When you work with us, you have the best creative minds at Hubwords rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty so that you can sit back and watch the open rates and CTRs soar.

Legal Writing and Business Writing: While marketing copy, blogs, and newsletters require a marketing mindset, content for HR policies, legal documents, policy documents, presentations, annual reports, MoUs, Terms and Conditions, IP Policies, and other similar documents require an entirely different mental makeup by the writers. Here, factual accuracy, balanced perspective, and comprehensive treatment of the topic at hand matter more. Hubwords’ writers are, unsurprisingly, equal to the task.

Research Papers and Dissertations: Students and research professionals can leverage our research capabilities and get well-researched academic essays, dissertations, research papers, and theses authored. Outsourcing preparation of dissertations and research papers to India is a cost effective option for international students. Our writers are well versed in different style guidelines including APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago styles, and can adapt to your in-house style if required.

Book Writing: Are you are an aspiring author, an imaginative story teller, or perhaps a subject matter expert who has a marketable story but haven’t been able to put it down into words? Hubwords takes pride in being able to churn out manuscripts for books that can prove to be hard to put down.

Coffee Table Books: Coffee table books can be a great way to build a brand. It will be treasured by the receiver, which means you will be remembered and valued forever. We help in getting unique and well researched contents, captions, and photographs for coffee table books.

Editing and Proofreading: While writing requires a creative brain and a flair for word masonry, editing can be an entirely different animal. It requires an eye for detail, a firm grasp on the English language, and requires one to be an unflinching grammar Nazi. Hubwords’ editors come from a similar mold. We undertake line editing (‘proofreading’, as termed sometimes), substantive editing, developmental editing, and everything in between, so that you can focus on the business objective of the content creation project while we take care of the mechanics of creation.

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