Learning To Let Go: Outsourcing Content

outsourcing content

Think outsourcing content means ‘out’ of sight?

Fret not, you are not alone! One of the hardest things in life is learning to let go.

Steering your business is one thing but trying to do everything in-house is asking for the Red Sea to part. You’re a genius, not a magician.

Speaking of magic, it’s time to use great content to work magic for you, just like it did for biggies using their blogs like the Marriott’s Blog or the Red Bull Blog.

We’re referring to content marketing, the high-octane new-age tool, which is the life-blood of smart marketers in the digital world. They create killer content, amplify them through offsite channels, and convert the traffic into customers.

Now, you can conjure this magic yourself, or have someone help you.

The Content Marketing Institute says, 44 percent of B2B marketers outsource content creation, and up to 57 percent of B2B technology marketers outsource content writing, design, editing, and even distribution efforts, when necessary.

So, conjure it yourself? Or hire a magician?

“We cannot afford an in-house content team”

Kapost report says 42 percent of marketers quote lack of human resources as the real roadblock to effective content marketing. Simply put – most businesses either cannot afford to dedicate staff or lack the expertise to do their own content marketing.

Effective content marketing needs variety of skills: writers, editors, graphic designers, content strategists, and managers to supervise them. Hiring these professionals will likely bloat your marketing budget. Ouch!

You can do it with a small team too. But it often ends up with things done on a limited basis, and you are less likely to get the desired results. Of course, there are exceptions. Like these big brands, who kept their best foot forward with content.

Or, you can hire a magician. You need just one content partner to handle everything, from strategy development to content creation, editing, publishing, distribution and analytics.

Your content partner understands you, your company, your audience, and your goals. They create content in collaboration with you and they use this content to market your business on the digital platform.

How cool is that?

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“I have the budget and the means”

Your budget may afford an in-house content creation and marketing team, but you have to hire quickly when it’s time to scale up. Worse, you have to layoff people when you want to scale down.

If you’ve outsourced, your ability to scale is limited only by budget, not your team’s time or size. And for a fast-growing start-up or SME, this advantage is killer.

You can alter projects, pause some, even take up bulk or infrequent activities very quickly on demand. If you’re in-sourcing, you may not be able to meet these variable requirements without related pitfalls.

Simply put, outsourcing content lends flexibility.

“I can do it on my own”

Okay, you love to be Superman. And love to do it all yourself.

Chew on this. Being an entrepreneur means there’s always more to do, and not enough time to do it. Beyond a point, the more you do it yourself, the more likely you’re killing your biz. And your buzz.

Outsourcing content frees up CXO time to focus on the things you’re best at and on your core business.That’s why the most successful entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley outsource tasks to companies who specialize in providing valuable time-saving services for a fee.

“In-sourcing is more efficient”

Your start-up undoubtedly has a great team. But, since you run a tight ship, chances are they have enough to worry about other than content marketing. Outsourcing content will allow them to keep their eye on the ball.

Besides, content creation and marketing have evolved into complex and highly specialized domains. Content marketers will have to keep up with the constantly changing rules of SEO and stay abreast of constant changes in search engine algorithms.

For example, they need to keep tabs on which search engines people are using most and need to distinguish their Penguins from their Hummingbirds. Well, we did warn you it was highly specialized.

On the other hand, a content partner firm will paint ‘the whole picture’ for you. They love your brand just like you do.

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With globalization and hyper-connectivity driving today’s Internet-fuelled service economy, outsourcing content is not only convenient, but also imperative.

So, are you ‘in’ or ‘out’? Conjure it yourself or hire a magician?

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