June 29, 2016

Success Story 1

The business problem
The challenge
The Hubwords solution
The outcome
Due to their existing vendor dropping out at the last minute, a financial services client suddenly wanted 100 high quality articles on finance, each with a minimum word count of 700 words, in a time span of 10 days. This included fresh content for their overseas branch. The requirement came with a short notice of 2 days. The rider was that, despite the short notice for project commencement, there was to be no compromise on quality and facts had to be 100% accurate.
The extremely short notice meant that either writers working on other projects had to be temporarily weaned off their current assignments or new writers had to be enlisted in a very short timeframe, both of which were equally infeasible. The fact that another service provider had dropped out at the last minute meant that the project scope had already been finalized, though the shortened timeframes merited a revisit.
In addition to the normal resource allocation process, our extensive network was leveraged to deploy the required number of writers on the project. The selection of writers was tilted towards having a greater proportion of experienced writers in order to minimize editing overheads and Turn-Around-Time. Hubwords extended the utilizable bandwidth of existing resource pool and tightened the submission process to optimize on throughput and delivery rate.

All 100 articles were prepared and delivered a day ahead of schedule. The higher mix of experienced writers meant that factual accuracy remained 100% despite the skintight deadlines. The average word count exceeded 750 words, well in excess of the requirement, bringing the throughput for the 10-day exercise to 75,000 words of high quality technical content. This only strengthened the client's belief in Hubwords' ability to deliver in a crunch situation.


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